Untitled. 2015. Oil on linen. 91x91cm

Cat's Tail. 2015. Oil on canvas. 30x40cm

Untitled. 2015. Oil on linen

Lapdog. 2015. Oil on Canvas. 60x50cm

Untitled. 2014. Oil on board. 14.5x16.5cm

The Sling. 2014. Oil on metal. 26x17cm

Untitled. 2013/14. Oil on metal. 17x26cm

Untitled. 2014. Oil on canvas. 60x40cm

Nineteen Eighties Painters. 2014. Oil on metal. 31 x 42cm

Painter Portal. 2014. oil on canvas. 40.5 x 31cm

Untitled. 2014. Oil on board. 21 x 30cm

Carrotsticking. 2013. Oil on board. 21 x 30cm

Fold. 2013. Oil on zinc. 17 x 18cm

Untitled. 2013. on aluminium. 17.5 x 21cm

Underwing. 2013. on zinc. 21x20cm

Diver. 2013. on canvas. 82x36 cm

N. Diver. 2013. on board. 21x30cm

Partition (Collar) 2013. on zinc. 30x14.5cm

Peacock's Down. 2013. on zinc. 19x20cm

...isfloating. 2013. on board. 30x21cm

Painter's Mold. 2013. on board. 30x21cm

The Whispered Bloom: The Blossom. 2013. on canvas. 25x18 cm

A Sign. 2013. Oil on board. 21x30 cm

Scorpia. 2013. Oil on aluminium. 17 x 16cm

Roma. 2012. oil on canvas. 25x18 cm

The Mirror. 2012. on zinc. 15x20cm

Pram. 2012. on paper. 25x26 cm
Joey & the Johnny Wig. 2010. on zinc. 15x20 cm
Miracle. 2010. on board. 40x50 cm
Hyena. 2012. on canvas. 30x50 cm

Redacteur de 'Le Combat'. 2010. on zinc. 50x25 cm
Objet d'Art & Abstract Painting. 2010. on zinc. 20x20 cm
Buttocks Vase. 2010. on zinc. 25x20
The Bath. 2009. on copper. 7x5 cm
Queen. 2009. on zinc. 14x15
Witch's Tit. 2009. on zinc. 9x12.5
Keith Vaughan. 2010. on zinc. 8x10cm
Self Orgy. 2008. on zinc. 10x11cm
Prince. 2009. on zinc. 9x12.5 cm